What is crowd out?

crowd out is a musical performance designed for a cast of 1,000 non-professional performers. Anyone in the Chicago area can participate. The performance will occur on October 1, 2017 in Millennium Park. As part of the U.S. premiere of crowd out, the Producers are hosting 50 community gatherings across the city to engage performers and build a lasting citywide cultural network. Read more about these events here.

Who is crowd out for?

Everyone! We encourage people of all-ages, from anywhere in the Chicago area to join us. Our goal is to have all 50 wards of Chicago involved in the final performance. If you live outside Chicago, you are also invited to join us.

Professional and non-professionals! If you belong to a choir, a school group, a spoken word group, a singing group, or if you simply enjoy performing, please join us. If you never performed in a musical production before and are interested, please join us.

And if you just want to watch, join the audience on October 1. The event is free!

Why should I sign up?

crowd out is a chance to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Chicagoans from every corner of the city, and an entry to a citywide conversation about the future of art. This performance was specifically designed for non-professional performers. As a participant you will help produce the U.S. premiere of crowd out. You will meet people from all over Chicago and make unique connections. And you get to perform in front of a live audience in Millennium Park!

When is the event?

crowd out will be performed on October 1, 2017 in Millennium Park. There will be rehearsals prior to the performance. To get involved you must participate in rehearsals. Find out more about these events here.

How long is the performance?

crowd out will last for 45 minutes. Start time is 3 pm on October 1.

How do I get involved?

Glad you asked! Please fill out this form to get involved. All participants need to attend rehearsals to be eligible for the final performance. Click here for more information.

What is the time commitment?

All participants will need to attend three events: one Community Gathering this summer; one dress rehearsal in September; the performance on October 1. You may also want to practice the score a few times on your own or with other participants. The Community Gathering and dress rehearsal will each be roughly two hours. The performance day will be a four to five hour commitment. Click here for a schedule.

What are the community gatherings?

These Community Gatherings are local rehearsals for the performance and an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your neighborhood. At these events you can join your neighborhood's section of the crowd out choir (no experience needed!), participate in a rehearsal, and discuss the future of art in your community. There will be a Community Gathering in every ward of Chicago, and all voices are welcome! Click here for a schedule of local events.

When are the rehearsals?

Rehearsals will take place at the Community Gatherings during the summer of 2017. There will be four large dress rehearsals in September. Click here for a schedule.

Participants must attend one Community Gathering and one of the dress rehearsals to be eligible for the final performance.

I’m confused! What is the difference between the local rehearsal and the community gathering?

The local rehearsals will occur during the Community Gatherings. Each event is ward specific and will review a portion of the score. If you cannot attend your local rehearsal please contact Bindu Poroori to sign up for a different rehearsal (bindu.poroori@ilhumanities.org).

Who is behind this?

The U.S. premiere of crowd out is co-produced by the Chicago Humanities Festival and Illinois Humanities. Read more about who we are and the work we do here.

Who created crowd out?

David Lang, who is prolific composer and a Pulitzer Prize winner. Read his full biography here. David created crowd out as a way to build community through music and spoken word. Watch David talk about the genesis of crowd out here.

Who is directing the performance?

Our fearless conductors are Donald Nally and Tim Munro. Read their biographies here.

Do I have to go to my local Community Gathering/rehearsal, or can I go to another one?

You are welcome to attend any Community Gathering but we encourage you to go to your local event so you can connect with others in your community. If you cannot attend your local rehearsal or if don't know the event dates, please contact Bindu Poroori to sign up for a Community Gathering (bindu.poroori@ilhumanities.org).

What if I can’t make my Community Gathering/rehearsal?

Please contact Bindu Poroori to sign up for a different rehearsal (bindu.poroori@ilhumanities.org).

How do I get the script for the performance?

The condensed version of the script will be available for download in July. Full scripts will be distributed at Community Gatherings and Dress Rehearsals. 

I forgot how to sing my part!

Don’t worry, we will go over each portion of the performance at the dress rehearsal in September.  

How do I sign up?

Glad you asked! You need to fill out this form to get involved. And attend the three events noted above (local rehearsal at a Community Gathering, dress rehearsal and final performance). Click here for a schedule of all events.

Where is the performance?

The performance will take place at the AT&T Pavilion Cloud Gate and Chase Promenade in Millennium Park. Click here to view a map.

How do I get there?

Millennium Park is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Access to Millennium Park is available via the Green, Orange, Brown, Pink and Purple Line Express elevated lines. Convenient parking is located in the Millennium Park Garage, Grant Park North, Grant Park South and East Monroe Garages. For more information or directions for any of these parking garages, visit www.millenniumgarages.com or call 312.616.0600.

Click here for more information about transportation and accessibility in Millennium Park.

What do I wear?

There is no costume or performance attire for crowd out. We will hand out color coded buttons to participants day-of which you are welcome to wear during the performance.

What should I bring?

Please do not bring any valuables with you to the rehearsals or the performance. There will not be coat check or lockers. We encourage you to bring water and snacks. Sunscreen and layers are always a good idea. Many of the rehearsals and the final performance will be outdoors.

How much does it cost to participate in crowd out?

Nothing! Participating in crowd out is free. Individuals are responsible for their transportation.

How do I get tickets to the performance on October 1?

The performance of crowd out is free and open to all! If you know someone performing or simply want to witness the magic of crowd out please join us in Millennium Park on October 1 at 3 pm. The performance will take place at the AT&T Pavilion Cloud Gate and Chase Promenade. Click here for a map and directions.

How long will the performance day be?

A performance schedule will be circulated in September. Anticipate spending two hours warming up and one hour performing.

Can I bring my kids? Will there be childcare?

Yes, please bring your whole family! All ages are welcome. The event is free. There will not be childcare provided at any of the rehearsals or performance.

Can I bring my pets? Will there be pet care?

There will not be pet care provided at any of the rehearsals or the performance. These events will all be crowded and at times loud; your pet will probably be more comfortable at home. Normal park rules for animals apply on October 1. You can find more information here.