Meet the Composer

©Peter Serling

©Peter Serling

For my entire life, I’ve been involved in trying to figure out ways to open up new doorways to new audiences and new listeners, to bring different kinds of music together so they’ll have a wider impact.

— David Lang, Reuters

David Lang

Passionate, prolific, and complicated, composer David Lang embodies the restless spirit of invention. Lang is at the same time deeply versed in the classical tradition and committed to music that resists categorization, constantly creating new forms.

Lang is one of America's most esteemed and performed composers. Many of his works resemble each other only in the fierce intelligence and clarity of vision that inform their structures. His catalogue is extensive, and his opera, orchestra, chamber and solo works are by turns ominous, ethereal, urgent, hypnotic, unsettling and very emotionally direct. Much of his work seeks to expand the definition of virtuosity in music — even the deceptively simple pieces can be fiendishly difficult to play and require incredible concentration by musicians and audiences alike

Lang has received a Pulitzer prize for music composition, was nominated for both the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Original Song, and is a recipient of the Rome Prize.