Closed Captions

Click here for Closed Captions for Blue Group: Blue Group

Click here for Closed Captions for Green Group: Green Group

Click here for Closed Captions for Orange Group: Orange Group

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Accessibility for crowd out

crowd out is an inclusive experience, and we are dedicated to creating an accessible space for participants of all ages and abilities. 

To request a specific accommodation, email or call (312) 605-8444.

Access Tent

Visit our Access Tent to be connected to an accessible accommodation, as indicated below. The Access Tent will have printed programs (in text and in braille) with lyrics of what the performers will say. An ASL interpreter will be stationed at the Access Tent to provide information and directions in ASL.

Accessible Viewing Area

Attendees with disabilities and their companions are invited to sit in the accessible viewing area. This area will be ideal for people who cannot stand for long periods of time, or would like a stationary area to watch the performance. This area is wheelchair accessible.

Sign Language Interpretation

Four ASL interpreters will interpret the four groups of performers, dispersed in areas near Cloud Gate ("the Bean").

Volunteers from the Access Tent can direct you to the locations of the interpreters.